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OU Members win cool outdoor stuff - for doing cool outdoor stuff.....simply post your pics & vids on the OU facebook wall....most 'likes' wins.
FYI: For those with no outdoor skills there are always the random member drawings!
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Become an OU member then post yOUr OUtdoor adventures on OUr facebook wall. Sometimes the ‘likes’ determine who wins the gear from OUr industry partners and sometimes we let the staff pick. Bottom line is yOU cant win unless yOU join and post


Every member receives the official ring-size waterfowl leg band…. ‘banded by OUTDOORS United’. This will help you identify other members of the “cool kids” club. #getbanded


Every week our lucky banded members win sweet outdoor gear. We like to give away stuff from a few of our best partners in the industry: Vortex Optics, Badlands Packs, Sitka Gear, S&W knives, Klymit Pads

Pro Booking

You are now officially a ‘big shot’. For the member who is ready to book the perfect outfitted trip – you get our complimentary booking concierge. The specialists in our office suggest, set up, negotiate and help you manage all aspects of the adventure of a lifetime

United Email

Every member receives a monthly United email with updates on recent winners, outfitter specials, popular videos, member pics and upcoming events and giveaways. Join today to get in the know

Member Photos

Get on insta! We have random drawings for members who share great hunting and fishing photos @outdoorsunitedcom, #getbanded, #outdoorsunited on instagram


Featuring premium hunting and fishing videos. Including full length feature films from the outdoor film festival tour. Plus members can upload and categorize their own hunting and fishing videos. Stream them on your desktop or mobile device with our downloadable widget

Member Discounts

Exclusive discounts available only to members of OU. 10 – 20 – 30% off from some of the best partners in the outdoor industry. Join today to get a 20% off coupon code from


$49.99 per year. (you’ll spend more than that on lunch in the next 5 days) YOU GET: Official OU Waterfowl Band. Entry into every drawing. Channel Access. Photos. Member Discounts. Pro Booking Concierge. Monthly OU Email

Why outdoors united

Get great benefits. Win great stuff
Above Average

Take a minute to consider everything that is included with your annual $49.99 OU membership:

-OU Waterfowl Leg Band
-OU Window Sticker
-Top Level Outdoorsman Channel Access
-Monthly United Email
-Exclusive Access to Outfitter Specials
-Personal Booking Concierge

On top of that you have the chance to win great gear and trips.

Compared to the average state is clear that as a member of OU your opportunities are exponentially better. Plus you get cool member benefits.

For a limited time enter the coupon code BLUELIGHT to get your membership for just $29.99

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  • Nice #bigbuck Love a desert #muley #getunited #getbanded #deerseason #hunt_az #hunting

    Nice #bigbuck
Love a desert #muley

#getunited #getbanded #deerseason #hunt_az #hunting

  • Nice little buck. #girlswhohunt #youthhunter #deerseason #getbanded #getunited

    Nice little buck. #girlswhohunt #youthhunter #deerseason #getbanded #getunited

  • Cool fronts on this bull. #wapitiwednesday #elkhunting #backstraps #sickforit #organic #ieatelk #getunited #getbanded

    Cool fronts on this bull.  

#wapitiwednesday #elkhunting #backstraps #sickforit #organic #ieatelk #getunited #getbanded

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